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Custom Crib Boards

19 Hand 4 lane cribbage board

19 Hand 4 lane cribbage board

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Elevate Your Game Night with the Innovative 19-Shaped Cribbage Board!

Looking for a cribbage board that's as unique as your cribbage skills? Look no further! This revolutionary board features four cribbage tracks that cleverly wind their way to form the shape of the number 19 - the ultimate score in cribbage.

Here's what makes this cribbage board a must-have:

  • Unconventional Design: The 19-shaped track adds a touch of whimsy to your game nights, sparking conversation and friendly competition.
  • Four-Lane Action: Accommodate up to four players for exciting multi-player games.
  • Removable Peg Storage: A dedicated, removable container keeps your scoring pegs organized and prevents them from getting lost.
  • Premium Quality: Laser cut for high-quality for a beautiful and long-lasting game piece.

This cribbage board is perfect for:

  • Avid cribbage players who love a conversation starter.
  • Fans of unique and creative game night accessories.
  • Anyone who wants to add a touch of fun to their next game.

Order yours today and get ready to experience cribbage like never before!

Comes with 12 metal pegs, 3 each of 4 different colors.

Makes a great gag gift or a trophy for loser of a tournament.
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