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Custom Crib Boards

Snake Cribbage Board

Snake Cribbage Board

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Width: 13.39" / 340.0mm
Length: 7.99" / 203.0mm

Introducing our exquisite Laser Engraved Snake Cribbage Board with 4 Lanes. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this unique game board is a perfect blend of artistry and functionality. The striking snake design, meticulously etched onto the surface, adds an intriguing touch to your gaming experience.

With four lanes, you can enjoy thrilling cribbage matches with friends and family, making it ideal for gatherings and game nights. The high-quality wood ensures durability, while the laser engraving technique guarantees a long-lasting, intricate finish. Whether you're a seasoned cribbage enthusiast or new to the game, our Snake Cribbage Board promises hours of entertainment and a visually captivating addition to your collection. Elevate your gaming experience with this beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind board.

It has a functional head for peg storage, the mouth opens and pegs are stored inside the head.  There are magnets on the end of the fangs to insure that the mouth stays closed so that you don't lose any pegs.  The head is also attached to the board with magnets so that the head can be removed when playing cribbage and so that it is not in the way.


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